Epididymitis and Surgery


Epididymitis is usually caused by common bacteria infection. Epididymitis may occur spontaneously or after:

Epididymitis is usually caused by a bacterial infection. Many bacteria can cause epididymitis, including:


Some sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) can cause epididymitis. Some of the most common STDs include:

Epididymitis and Testicular Cancer

As symptoms of epididymitis and testicular are similar, patients may confuse two different diseases. Epididymis and testicle are also easily confusing for patients as both sexual organs are closely connected to each other. Complain of testicular pain can be caused by epididymis or vice versa.


Epididymitis Treatment and Surgery

There are several treatments and surgery which are commonly used to treat epididymal infection, testicular infection, epididymal cyst and lump.

Orchiectomy Injection Treatment: Epididymitis treated with epididymal injections of antibiotics and herbal medicine, for bacteria infection and epididymal cysts, respectively. Orchiectomy injection is not traditional orchiectomy which removes the testicle. Instead, the surgery not only preserves the epididymis and testicles, most importantly, injection technology of orchiectomy allows antibiotics and herbal medicine to penetrate into the epididymis to kill std infections such as Chlamydia as well as dissolving cyst and abscess.



The traditional orchiectomy is to remove the testicle due to severe testicular and epididymal infection.

Antibiotics Treatment

The first line treatment for patients with acute epididymitis. Antibiotics work well in most cases of epididymitis. Azithromycin for example, is a favorite brand of antibiotics for epididymitis.


Home Treatment

A combination of natural antibiotics, herbal medicine, herbal sitz bath to suppress epididymal infection and inflammation. The natural treatment works best for patients with strong immune system. In addition, relating infections also need to be treated such as infection and cyst in the prostate, vas deferens, ejaculatory duct and the urethra.


Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer