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Prostate and Herbal Medicine Treatment

The treatment of prostatitis with herbal medicine is one of the most effective home remedies for chronic prostatitis, acute prostatitis, bacterial and nonbacterial prostatitis.

The main role of herbal medicine is to tackle obstruction of the enlarged prostate, improve inflammation, inhibit infection and restore prostate function. The prostatitis treatment with herbal medicine is the core part of our home prostatitis treatment system.

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Theory of Herbal Medicine to Fight Prostatitis

Function of Blood Capillaries in Swollen Prostate

After a man is infected with prostatitis, there are obstruction and inflammation in the prostate. The blood vessels in the enlarged prostate are also severely obstructed. Blood vessels are the important way for the absorption of substances to the enlarged prostate. These substances include nutrient, white blood cells, antibiotics. The obstruction of the blood vessels prevents antibiotics and white blood cells from entering the enlarged prostate. This explains why oral antibiotic treatment is extremely inefficient in treating prostatitis.

Oral Intake of Herbal Medicine

Treating prostatitis efficiently requires that obstruction in the prostate glands and blood vessels be removed. Ideally, treating with prostatectomy injection to the enlarged prostate is the most thorough approach in curing prostatitis. However, for home treatment, oral intake method is administered.


Breaking Obstruction in the Enlarged Prostate

The first aim of prostate treatment is to dissolve obstruction in enlarged prostate. Herbal medicine reaches the enlarged prostate, soften, decompose and remove deposit from obstruction. The blood vessels gradually recover when the prostate is shrinking. Antibiotics and white blood cells can now penetrate to the deeper prostate area, fight infection and cure prostatitis.

Recovery of Blood Capillaries in Swollen Prostate

The restoration of blood vessel system in the prostate is critical to the treatment of prostatitis. A fully functional and recovered blood vessel system is the key to the complete and thorough cure of prostatitis. Once obstruction is removed, our immune system assists the prostate treatment by producing and moving large amount of white blood cells to the prostate glands.


Ingredients of Herbal Medicine

The herbal medicine for prostatitis consists of a compound formula specifically for infection, obstruction and symptoms of prostatitis. Some herbs have properties of dissolving obstruction of prostatitis, some herbs reduce severity of prostatitis by inhibiting growth of bacteria, and some herbs improve stagnation caused by prostatitis.

Side Effects of Home Treatment

The herbs specifically for prostatitis are clinically proven to be safe to use. These herbal medicines are very mild when they are taken to fight prostatitis and do not damage liver or kidney. In fact, the prostate treatment improves immune system by invigorating the liver and kidney.


Home Prostate Treatment: Herbal Medicine

Prostate Symptoms and Pain

The herbal medicine is particularly effective in removal of obstruction, reduce inflammation, inhibit infection and restore physiological function of the enlarged prostate. The following symptoms of prostatitis are greatly reduced after a course of prostate treatment.

Infection of Prostate

The home treatment for prostatitis fights against infection in the enlarged prostate, swollen epididymis and sperm ducts. The following are the common names of pathogens of prostatitis.

Prostate Treatment on Various Kinds of Prostatitis

The herbal medicine prostate treatment is effective on various kinds of prostatitis, including:

Prostate with Cysts, Lumps and Calculus

The herbal prostate treatment cures the following symptoms of prostatitis:

Home Prostate Treatment: Herbal Medicine for Epididymitis

Epididymitis Symptoms and Pain

The home treatment of herbal medicine works for various types of epididymitis, in addition to prostatitis. The following epididymal/prostatitis symptoms and pain are greatly improved after several months of prostate and home epididymitis treatment.

Home Treatment: Herbal Medicine for Deferentitis

Deferentitis Symptoms and Pain

The home treatment of herbal medicine also treats and cures deferentitis caused by prostatitis. The home treatment reduces the following sperm duct symptoms and pain in a few months.

Home Treatment: Herbal Medicine for Seminal Vesiculitis

Symptoms and Pain of Seminal Vesiculitis

The home treatment has achieved a good efficacy on various symptoms of seminal vesiculitis. These symptoms are extremely difficult to be identified by a patient with prostatitis because of the similarity with other prostatitis symptoms:

Home Treatment: Herbal Medicine for Infertility/Impotence

Infertility and Impotence Caused by Prostatitis and Bacteria Infection

The home treatment is a natural and non-surgical remedy for infertility and impotence caused by prostatitis or bacteria infection. These symptoms include:

Home Treatment: Herbal Medicine for BPH, Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia and Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy

Herbal medicine of the home treatment is effective for BPH, or benign prostatic hyperplasia caused by prostatitis. The herbal medicine tablets contain some ingredients specifically for the shrinkage of enlarged and swollen prostate caused by prostatitis. These BPH symptoms are similar to that of prostatitis:

Home Treatment: Herbal Medicine for Recurrent Urethritis, UTI and Urinary Tract Infection

Prostatitis has a close link with recurrent urethritis, UTI and urinary tract infection. The home treatment cures the source of infection with a direct approach. This prostate treatment for home use improves the following urethral symptoms:


Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer