Prostate Massage 


Treating prostate symptoms such as BPH, benign prostatic hyperplasia, prostatic hypertrophy and enlarged prostate with prostate massage, or prostate drainage is an effective assistant treatment. Prostate surgery with new prostatectomy and TURP surgery are needed if patients want a thorough treatment.

prostate massage


Benefits of Prostate Massage

Discharge Infected Prostate Fluid

Prostatitis and BPH is caused by infection in the enlarged prostate. The presence of bacteria deteriorates the condition of the prostate and aggravates inflammation. A proper prostate massage can flush the infected prostate fluid, improve prostate symptoms and reduce inflammation.

Discharge Toxin and Waste

When infected with prostatitis and BPH, bacteria infection produces toxin, waste and other garbage which irritate the prostate tissue and cause obstruction. Prostate massage is capable of flushing out toxin and waste out to the urethra, alleviating the condition of inflammation and improving prostate symptoms.


Reduce Pressure in Prostate

Prostatitis with enlarged prostate or BPH is quite common in our surgery center. Deposit and waste from prostatitis and BPH are the main cause of enlargement of the prostate. Prostate drainage or prostate milking is a good way to physically drain the waste materials out of the prostate, reducing the pressure inside the prostate.

Prostate Massage Long Term Effect

The benefits of prostate massage on the prostate can be seen after several months of practice. The prostate fluid changes from muddy to clear, an indication of clearance of obstruction. The technique of prostate massage is also important to ensure drainage is properly done so that the efficacy is achieved.


Stop Formation of Prostate Obstruction

Prostate massage can physically damage the structure of obstruction, break it into smaller pieces, and flushed out to the urethra. To do that, a patient must be very skillful in prostate drainage and have the patience to follow through for a few months.

Procedure of Prostate Massage

If performing self prostate massage ( prostate milking) you should proceed as follows:


  1. Pay a visit to the bathroom and ensure that both your bowel and bladder are emptied before performing prostate massage.

  2. Make sure that your fingernails are trimmed and wash your hands and the area around your anus thoroughly.

  3. Put a sterile latex glove on the hand which you are going to use to milk the prostate gland and apply lubricant to your gloved fingers.

  4. Get into a comfortable position. There are many possible positions which you can adopt. Pick a comfortable position from which you can gain easy access to the prostate gland with your gloved hand.

    If you find that you are not able to do it yourself, then it may be necessary to ask your wife, or girlfriend, to massage the prostate gland for you. Mechanical prostate massager is also an option.

  5. Insert your finger into your anus and then slowly move it forward along the wall of the rectum, until you feel the prostate gland. The prostate gland will feel like a small round ball about the size of a walnut. In case of prostatitis, the prostate is boggy or tender, and is painful when touched or pressed.

  6. Once you have located the prostate gland, massage it gently along both sides by exerting pressure with the finger. Press hard on the side and move to the central area and release, then repeat it again. You will feel intense pain if you have prostatitis. After the sides are done, press the central area to squeeze prostate fluid to urethra.

  7. After several minutes of prostate massage the gland will release most fluid to urethra and tip of penis. At this point you may experience a degree of soreness and pain but it will go away after a few hours.

Benefits of Prostate Massage

Synergy with Herbal Medicine

Prostate massage assists the treatment of herbal medicine in treating prostatitis, enlarged prostate and BPH. Prostate massage treats prostate physically while herbal medicine treats prostate physiologically. Prostate massage alleviates obstruction and facilitates the penetration of herbal medicine in the enlarged prostate.

Enhance Absorption of Herbal Medicine

Prostate massage alleviates obstruction of the prostate, increases penetration of herbal medicine, reduce symptoms and pain from prostatitis and improve physiological condition of the prostate.

Synergy with other Assistant Home Treatments

Since prostatitis, enlarged prostate and bph are complicated diseases and they cause a list of problems, prostate massage treatment itself is not comprehensive enough to treat prostate diseases efficiently. Urethra perfusion treatment, herbal medicine and prostate massage are best taken together to fight prostatitis, bph and enlarged prostate.

Purchase of Prostate Massager

We provide specialized prostate massager for people who want to perform prostate massage at home.


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