Home Treatment with Sitz Bath 


Treatment on prostatitis, enlarged prostate and BPH with sitz bath has a long history and is popular nowadays. Our advanced version add herbal medicine to hot water to enhance the efficacy of both heat and herbs. Sitz bath treats prostate enlargement, benign prostatic hyperplasia by greatly enhancement of blood circulation in the enlarged prostate and its surrounding area. The restored blood circulation recovers the functions of the prostate, reduce infection and symptoms.

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Theory of Sitz Bath

Sitz Bath Boosts Blood Circulation in Prostate

Treating bph, enlarged prostate and prostatitis with sitz bath is another natural and green treatment for home use. The heat warms up the whole prostate, increase blood circulation. After regular sitz bath treatment, it can greatly reduce prostatic pain and symptoms.

Sitz Bath Improves Inflammation in Prostate

Increased blood circulation also removes toxin, and inflammation from the prostate to the urethra and eventually out of the body with urine. In addition, the better circulation also take in large amount of WBCs to fight prostate infection. So sitz bath improves inflammation and infection in the prostate greatly.


Sitz Bath Speeds Up Absorption of Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine powder has a unique role in its fight against prostatitis, enlarged prostate and bph. The skin absorbs ingredients of herbal medicine and transfer it to the enlarged prostate. This treatment helps the speed of absorption of herbal medicine to treat bph, enlarged prostate and bph.

Herbal Medicine Powder with Sitz Bath to Treat Prostatitis

Sitz bath itself is beneficial in treating the symptoms and pain of the prostate. However, with the addition of herbal medicine powder, the treatment is far more efficient in reducing obstruction and infection in the prostate.


Procedure of Sitz Bath with Herbal Medicine

Treatment Overview

A sitz bath is a small portable tub that fits over a toilet bowel. The purpose of a sitz bath is to immerse the buttocks and the area of skin between the genitals and rectum, which is called the perineum, in hot water with herbal medicine. A sitz bath with herbal medicine reduces prostatic swelling, relieves discomfort or itching of prostate, and unblocks the prostate. A sitz bath is recommended to speed healing with prostatitis, bph and enlarged prostate. You can get a sitz bath at a drug store or medical supply store. As an assistant treatment, this type of therapeutic bath is safe and easy to use.

Prostate Treatment Step 1

Lift the toilet lid and seat and then place the sitz bath over the toilet bowel rim. Make sure the front of the bath faces the front of the toilet.


Prostate Treatment Step 2

Fill the sitz bath with 3 to 4 inches of warm water. Make sure the water is not too hot and not too cold. To prevent burns, don't use water that is hotter than 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

Prostate Treatment Step 3

Add herbal medicine powder into the water and stir until it is fully dissolved.

Prostate Treatment Step 4

Sit on the sitz bath. Make sure the perineum and the surrounding area are immersed in water.

Prostate Treatment Step 5

You may need to fill in more hot water in case it gets cold. Sit on the basin and soak your buttocks and perineum for 30 minutes.

Prostate Treatment Step 6

Repeat the sitz bath three to four times a day.

Precaution of Sitz Bath Treatment

Hot Water

For water temperature, fill the basin with the hottest water you can stand. Warm water will not work as efficiently as hot water. With the proper temperature, you will notice the skin on the buttock and perineum redden after being in the hot water for a while. This is actually a good sign, meaning that there are great stimulation of blood to the enlarged prostate.

Time for Sitz Bath

It is recommended 30-40 minutes treatment duration for each session of Sitz Bath so that there is enough time for the heat to reach and penetrate all the way to the enlarged prostate. The heat and the herbal medicine has to pass through skin, fatty layer, and muscles before it reaches the enlarged prostate.

Avoid Heat in the Testicles and Scrotum

Since testicles and scrotum are very sensitive to heat, care must be taken to avoid killing sperms. Avoid immersing the scrotum in hot water during sitz bath so that fertility is not damaged.

Long Term Benefits of Sitz Bath

Prostatitis, enlarged prostate and bph are often long-term and complicated, and it takes patience when taking sitz bath. The improvement is not immediate. The purpose is to reduce pain and symptoms, then reduction of infection and obstruction, and finally a cure. For short term goal, you may want to reduce prostate pain and symptoms. But, in the long run you want to reduce the pain to a great extent or complete cure.


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