Home Treatment with Urethra Perfusion 


Prostate treatment with urethra perfusion is an effective treatment for acute and chronic prostatitis, urethritis, urinary tract infections (UTI). This home treatment consists of western medicine and herbal medicine, for both infection and obstruction in the prostate and urethra.


prostate treatment


Perfusion Treatment

During treatment, medicine solution is perfused through the mouth of penis to the rear urethra and the prostate to treat prostatitis, urinary tract infection and urethritis. The home prostate treatment is specific and local, therefore it is highly efficient than oral medications. The prostate treatment with urethra perfusion treats resistant and stubborn urethritis, urinary tract infection (UTI) and prostatitis with much better results than traditional oral medications.

prostate treatment


Urethra Perfusion Treatment for Urethritis

Urethritis and Prostatitis

When a man is suffering from urethritis, the infection is in the cavity of urethra. Perfusing medicine in the urethra is a much better treatment option than taking oral antibiotics. Medicine solution stays in the urethra cavity for a few hours and eradicate growth of bacteria. The treatment is the first choice for acute, chronic and stubborn urethritis.

Dissolve Obstruction of Prostate Glands

A man will develop prostatitis after a few weeks of urethritis. During chronic prostatitis, the prostate glands are partially obstructed. For the urethra perfusion treatment to work efficiently in the prostate, the obstructed openings of the prostate glands must be improved. Since the medicine solution contains herbal medicine specifically for the decomposition of the obstruction, the prostate glands are reopened again after a few weeks of treatment. Antibiotic can penetrate into the prostate and fight the infection now.


Eradicate Infection in Urethra

The common infections in the urethra are Chlamydia, Ureaplasma, Mycoplasma, and other common bacteria. The infection will spread to the rear urethra and eventually the prostate (prostatitis) if not properly treated with antibiotics. In many cases, oral antibiotic treatment is not strong enough to eradicate infection completely and it leads to prostatitis. In this case, urethra perfusion treatment is able to stop the infection because the medicine solution perfused in the urethra is at least fifty times stronger than systemic antibiotic treatment. The perfused medicine covers the whole urethra and this direct approach has a very high cure rate.

Treating Recurrent Urethritis and Prostatitis

When you have recurrent urethritis, it is either caused by the incomplete eradication of pathogens in the urethra, or the infection has reached the prostate and pathogens in the prostate re-infect the urethra once the treatment stops. Different from urethritis, prostatitis provides a hiding place for bacteria. A complete and thorough treatment must tackle both urethritis and prostatitis so that no traces of infection is left. Perfusion treatment is an excellent treatment for these problems because the medicine penetrates into the urethra, rear urethra and the prostate glands.


Urethra Perfusion Treatment for Prostatitis

Prostate Penetration through Urethra

The urethra is an alternative approach for medicine solution to reach to the infected prostate. No catheter is inserted to the urethra so the risk of infection is low. The treatment is also simple, easy to maneuver, and no damage to the prostate tissue. Herbal medicine removes obstruction of the enlarged prostate and antibiotics penetrates to the enlarged prostate and tackles infection.

Treat Both Urethritis and Prostatitis

The prostate treatment with perfusion works well for both urethritis and prostatitis and can treat both problems in one treatment course. It works even better for acute urethritis and acute prostatitis. Urethral and prostatic symptoms can be reduced in a short time after treatment begins.

No Damage to Enlarged Prostate

Since urethra treatment requires no injection to the enlarged prostate, or physical damage to the urethra, so there is no risk taking the treatment. In fact, the treatment is non surgical and non-invasive.

Procedure of Urethral Perfusion Treatment


Medicine consisting of antibiotics and herbal medicine is prepared in liquid form. The medicine liquid is for both infection and obstruction in the prostate and the urethra. The specific dosage of each medicine needs to be in certain proportion.

Treatment Kits

Syringe is inserted to the penis and medicine perfused. The purpose is to allow medicine liquid stays in the prostate and urethra for some time. If you have difficulty doing that, a special needle is used to make sure all medicine is trapped in the urethra.

Medicine Works in Urethra to Treat Prostatitis and Urethritis

After medicine is perfused, a clamp is used in the penis to prevent leakage. The treatment requires two hours, and you may have the treatment throughout the night if you can handle it.

End of Treatment

After completion of urethra treatment, remove the clamp and let the medicine come out. The urethra is a little sore after treatment but this is normal.

Eligibility of Urethra Perfusion Treatment

Prostatitis (Stubborn, Chronic, Acute, Recurrent)

The prostate treatment works for various types of prostatitis, such as acute prostatitis, chronic prostatitis, stubborn prostatitis, or recurrent prostatitis.

Urethritis (Recurrent, Stubborn, Acute, Chronic)

The urethra treatment works for all types of urethritis, including recurrent urethritis, stubborn prostatitis, acute and chronic urethritis.

Urinary Symptoms from Prostatitis and Urethritis

Urinary symptoms from prostatitis and urethritis can be treated satisfactorily. These symptoms include urgent urination, frequent urination, unable to empty the bladder, etc. These symptoms are the major complaints from urethritis and prostatitis.


Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer