Treatment for Epididymitis 


Epididymitis and prostatitis are closely related. In many cases of prostatitis, there are also symptoms of epididymitis. Epididymis surgery with TURP surgery and prostatectomy are the best treatment for infection, cyst and swelling of epididymis. For surgery for epididymitis and prostatitis, TURP surgery and prostatectomy also need to treat both reproductive organs to prevent recurrence.

TURP surgery and prostatectomy eradicate infection in the epididymis with administration of specific antibiotic for bacteria. For cysts, lump and calcification in the epididymis, herbal medicine is administered in the surgery to dissolve them.



Epididymitis, in simple term, is the infection of the epididymis. The infection could be bacterial infection or viral infection. It could be caused by sexually transmitted disease, such as Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, non-gonococcal urethritis (NGU), etc, through sexual contact.

Epididymitis and Prostatitis

Path of Infection

Since the infection originates from the opening of the urethra, and passes upstream along the urethra to seminal vesicles, prostate, sperm duct and finally the epididymis, the infection always affect more than one organ.


Epididymitis and Prostatitis

When infected with epididymitis, it is quite common that one also is infected with prostatitis. In some cases, the symptoms of epididymitis are more prevalent, while in other cases, the symptoms of prostatitis are more prevalent. In either case, the epididymis and the prostate are both infected but with varying degree of symptoms.

Cause of Relapse: Infection

There are many reasons why epididymitis is so difficult to cure with western medical science. One of the major reasons is the lack of full understanding of infection.


Once infected with epididymitis, it is almost inevitable that nearby genital organs are also infected, such as prostatitis (prostate), seminal vesiculitis (seminal vesicles), deferentitis (sperm duct), urethritis (urethra). The infection is not just confined in the epididymis. However, doctors may not realize that they have to treat the whole genital organs when treating epididymitis. The treatment for epididymitis is difficult because prostatitis is extremely difficult to cure, and the bacteria in the prostate will re-infect the epididymis even though epididymitis is cured.

Some cases of epididymitis try to remove cysts and lumps from the epididymis through surgery. This type of palliative treatment can only give relief for a few months, the infection is still there and new cysts, calculus and lumps will form again.

Antibiotic treatment has poor penetration into the epididymis and the prostate, so complete eradication of infection is impossible. A specialized TURP surgery and prostatectomy for epididymitis can eradicate all infection in these organs after 4-6 weeks of epididymal, prostatic, ejaculatory and seminal vesicle injections.


Surgery for Epididymitis

Prostatectomy with Antibiotics and Herbal Medicine

The prostatectomy is exclusively available in our surgery center for epididymitis. The medicine administered includes antibiotics and herbal medicine. The antibiotics is for the infection while the herbal medicine is to shrink the lumps, cysts or calculus in the epididymis.

Advanced Surgery to Break Up fibrosis, sclerosis, pus or abscess

Epididymitis will create abnormal mass, such as fibrosis. Other symptoms include sclerosis or pus. Abscess is also very common. Herbal medicine is administered in prostatectomy to break up the structure of the mass, dissolved particles are then discharged to the prostate and then the urethra, through ejaculation and urine. After about 4-6 weeks of prostatectomy, the swollen epididymis shrinks back to normal size.

New Surgery for Epididymitis with Lumps, Cysts and Calculus

These abnormal masses are popular in chronic epididymitis. In our surgery center, the doctor treats swollen epididymis with herbal medicine. Since these inorganic mass can be removed by the ingredient of herbal medicine, each session of prostatectomy use a large volume of herbal medicine solution. The herbal medicine works directly on the surface of lumps, dissolve tissue of the cysts. For calculus and stones, it will take more time to completely soften the hard structures.

Surgery Cure Infection of Epididymis

The prostatectomy is far more comprehensive and potent than oral antibiotics treatment. Antibiotics is so awkward in penetrating into the swollen epididymis to do its job, and it always end up in incomplete clearance of bacteria.

New prostatectomy encompasses all possible sources of infection. First, the surgery looks for signs of pain and symptoms in the whole genital system, such as enlarged prostate, swollen epididymis, swollen sperm ducts, enlarged seminal vesicles. Next, the surgery identifies the exact type of bacteria that is causing the symptoms. Then, a specific antibiotics solution is administered to all organs with symptoms. Prostatectomy injects antibiotics to the sperm duct connecting the epididymis.

The new prostatectomy for epididymitis is highly efficient in eradicating bacteria infection. Antibiotics concentration is at least ten times more potent than oral administration. This new surgery can cure epididymitis In 4-6 weeks with low risk of relapse.

Synergy of Antibiotics and Herbal Medicine

The use of antibiotics and herbal medicine is a prerequisite to the success of the prostatectomy. Antibiotics eradicates bacteria infection that produces waste to form cyst, lump and calculus while the herbal medicine remove or shrink the cyst, abscess, lump and calculus that hinder the complete eradication of bacteria. The surgery combines both medicines to immensely enhance efficacy for epididymitis.

Procedure of Epididymitis Surgery

The surgery is simple yet highly skillful. Unlike prostatitis that prostatectomy injects medicine to the prostate through perineum area, the medicine is administered through lower abdomen area. The medicine is absorbed into the sperm duct and finally reach the swollen epididymis.

Here is a few words to demonstrate the epididymis surgery procedure. Antibiotics is added to the solution, the herbal medicine powder is also added. The needle is injected at the side of the groin, parallel to the sperm duct, toward the epididymis. The medicine is released near the sperm duct and eventually reach the epididymis through absorption. The epididymis is now getting very bulky but it is temporary.

The thorough penetration of medicine in the epididymis efficiently eradicates infection and dissolves cyst, lump and calculus. Conventional oral antibiotic treatment cannot even maintain a minimum inhibition level in the epididymis, not to mention a complete cure.

After one day prostatectomy on epididymis, it will take a few days break before another surgery can be performed. Other infections, such as prostatitis, can not be ignored too. Similar prostatectomy is also performed the next day to cure prostatitis.


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