Treatment for Infertility and Impotence 


Prostatitis and BPH not just causes pain and symptoms in the prostate, it is also the major cause of infertility and impotence in men and women. Prostatectomy and TURP surgery cure infertility and impotence by treating the root cause of these problems, infection and blockage. In addition, prostate surgery is also used to treat infection and blockage in ejaculatory duct and epididymis.

Surgery for Infertility

Prostatitis, epididymitis, deferentitis and seminal vesiculitis affect semen and sperm quality and cause infertility and impotence. Instead of focusing on treating impotence and infertility, prostatectomy and TURP surgery focus on treating infection and blockage caused by sexually transmitted diseases.



Infection - Cause of Infertility

Prostatitis is caused by bacteria, virus or yeast. If untreated, acute prostatitis will turn into chronic prostatitis. Both the acute and the chronic form of prostatitis are closely related to infections and is one of the major cause of infertility.

Prostatitis, Orchitis and Epididymitis

Clinically, in most cases, prostatitis is caused by urinary tract infection which also affects the prostate glands, epididymis and seminal vesicles too. Prostate infection might spread to other reproductive organs, such as testicles (orchitis) and the epididymis (epididymitis). If mistreated or untreated, these conditions might cause infertility. Early prostatectomy or TURP surgery will restore fertility back.


Infected Prostate Fluid

Roughly 90% of men’s sperm is prostate liquid, and 10% is sperm. Prostate fluid provides sperm living environment and nutrition. Prostatitis affects fertility because it inhibit sperm mobility and affects semen quality. prostate symptoms such as erection problem, impotence and premature ejaculation also cause infertility. Also, inflammatory prostate fluid affects chemical and physical properties of semen and cause reduced sperm mobility, dead sperms and semen liquefaction problem, thus reducing fertility of a man.

Blocked Prostate Glands, Epididymis and Spermatic Ducts

Other cause of infertility related to prostatitis is the blockage and obstruction of reproductive organs, such as prostate glands, epididymis and spermatic ducts. Blockage from prostatitis obstructs the flow of semen, and the blockage from epididymitis obstructs the flow of semen too. Sperm duct blockage is also another common cause of infertility.


Orchitis and Infertility

Orchitis is the infection of the testicles. Infection in the testicles cause failure or low production of sperms and that leads to infertility. Orchitis, epididymitis and prostatitis often attack a man at the same time and cause infertility.

Bacteria Infection Suppress Sperm Motility

Pathogens such as bacteria, Chlamydia, Ureaplasma, Mycoplasma affect fertility of a man. Infections of prostate, epididymitis and orchitis compete nutrition with sperms, and produce obstruction along the ejaculatory duct.


Obstruction of the Ejaculatory Duct

Obstruction of the ejaculatory duct is caused by infections of prostatitis, epididymitis and orchitis. Prostatitis causes blockage in the prostate and affect sperm ejaculation. Epididymitis produces obstruction and cysts in the epididymis. Orchitis causes testicles to produce less sperms or no sperm at all. When there is part or all obstruction in the ejaculatory duct, sperms are not able to move along the duct smoothly and that causes infertility.


Cause of Impotence

After a man is infected with prostatitis, impotence will often follow. A man will experience partial or all impotence, such as soft erection, loss of libido. Painful erection and painful ejaculation cause a man to become impotent. Furthermore, the prostate is blocked and with poor blood circulation and that causes soft erection.

Prostatectomy to Cure Impotence

Impotence is curable as long as the prostate and epididymis are free of infection and obstruction. After prostatectomy, prostatitis and epididymitis are cured, impotence will be gone too. Both prostatic and epididymal injection of prostatectomy and TURP surgery are very effective in treating impotence caused by prostatitis and epididymitis.

Surgery to Cure Infertility and Impotence

A System of Surgery to Treat Infertility

In order to cure infertility, prostatitis must be treated comprehensively. In most cases of prostatitis, they involve prostatitis, epididymitis, sperm ducts and seminal vesicles. The following are the integral parts of our surgery for infertility.

Surgery of Prostatitis

Prostatitis is the most common cause of infertility and impotence. After pathogens are identified and the condition of the prostate is assessed, prostatectomy will inject to the prostate with antibiotics and herbal medicine, to eradicate bacteria and obstruction. If there are cysts, abscess and lumps, the treatment also takes care of the symptoms with medicine penetrating into the cysts and lumps.

Surgery of Epididymitis

If the patient has both prostatitis and epididymitis, he needs epididymal injection of prostatectomy to treat epididymitis in addition to prostatectomy injection for prostatitis. Infection produces cysts and lumps, blocking the epididymis and the flow of semen to the prostate, causing infertility. Prostatectomy is a minimally invasive surgery for epididymitis with infection and cysts.

Surgery of Ejaculatory Ducts

Swollen and hardened ejaculatory ducts are also common in prostatitis and epididymitis. The ejaculatory ducts become thicker and hard after organic waste from bacteria growth blocks the tubes. Semen and sperms have difficulty passing through the obstructed ducts to the prostate. Prostatectomy and TURP surgery with ejaculatory duct injection of antibiotics and herbal medicine is suitable for patients with obvious ejaculatory duct symptoms.

Treatment of Seminal Vesicles

Since seminal vesicles are adjacent to the prostate, infection in the prostate often spread to the seminal vesicles and cause swelling and inflammation. Prostatectomy is also conducted in prostatitis cases with severe seminal vesicle symptoms by penetrating to the seminal vesicles with antibiotics and herbal medicine.

Prostatectomy for Infertility and Impotence

Our prostate surgery is the most thorough and comprehensive surgery for infertility and impotence caused by prostatitis. The surgery treats infection and removes obstruction in every organ of the reproductive system. Prostatectomy also cures prostatitis related diseases such as epididymitis, ejaculatory duct infection, seminal vesicle infection, urinary tract infection, UTI. Lastly, the surgery also cures infection, enlargement, swelling, blockage, cysts, calcification, stones, fibrosis, lumps, etc.


Treating prostatitis with simple oral antibiotics is very inefficient, resulting in many stubborn and recurrent prostatitis. When prostatitis is in its chronic stage, oral antibiotic treatment has very poor cure rate.

Prostatectomy not only cure prostatitis, it also cures infertility and impotence caused by prostatitis. The surgery is capable of sending antibiotic and herbal medicines to the enlarged prostate efficiently and thoroughly, fighting the bacteria and blockage directly. While antibiotics is used to fight infection, herbal medicine is used to remove obstruction. Prostatectomy is suitable for patients with both prostatitis and infertility/impotence problems.


In many cases of prostatitis, the patient not only has infertility and impotence symptoms, he also has infection in the epididymis called epididymitis. The patient may have constant testicle pain or scrotal pain.

Treating epididymitis is similar to treating prostatitis in western medicine. Typically, oral antibiotic treatment is administered for a few weeks, and if it does not work, the doctor will prescribe another brand of antibiotic, and so on. In reality, treating epididymitis is difficult and results in many cases of infertility and impotence.

Our prostatectomy is very versatile in treating both prostatitis and epididymitis. Instead of prostatic injection, epididymal injection is used to tackle the problem. Antibiotics is penetrated to the cysts or the cavity of epididymis. The surgery is minimally invasive and safe for epididymitis. The prostatectomy is a much better choice for patients who want a cure on epididymitis without radical surgery.

Ejaculatory Duct Infection

In many cases of prostatitis, infection may reach to the ejaculatory ducts and cause swelling and enlargement. The patient may have pain and symptoms on both sides of the groin area. Since infection in the ejaculatory duct is not easily detected, patients may not notice the problem.

Treating sperm duct infection is similar to treating prostatitis in western medicine. Typically, oral antibiotic treatment is prescribed for a few weeks. In fact, treating sperm duct infection is also difficult and end up with infertility and impotence. Sperm duct obstruction is one of these symptoms.

Prostatectomy has a unique approach to treating prostatitis with severe sperm duct infection and blockage. The surgery apply injection on ejaculatory duct with antibiotics and herbal medicine to cure blockage and infection in the ejaculatory duct caused by prostatitis. This surgical procedure is much safer than radical surgery and is the best option for prostatitis with severe sperm duct infection.

Seminal Vesicle Infection

Prostatitis and seminal vesicle infection are very common because of the proximity of these two organs. Seminal vesicles may have symptoms like blockage, cysts and enlargement, just like prostatitis. The obstruction of seminal vesicle is also a cause of infertility and impotence.

Treating seminal vesicle infection with oral antibiotic treatment is the conventional approach in western medicine. In reality, it is extremely difficult to cure prostatitis and seminal vesicle infection with oral antibiotics. The blocked and inflamed seminal vesicles obstruct the passage of semen and cause infertility and impotence.

Prostate surgery with TURP surgery has an advanced method for treating seminal vesicle infection. Similar to treating prostatitis, the surgery enables needle injection to the seminal vesicle with antibiotic and herbal medicine to eradicate infection and remove obstruction.

Advice on Treating Prostatitis for Infertility and Impotence

Infection and Prostatitis

Although there are many causes for infertility and impotence, infection and prostatitis account for many cases of infertility. Prostatitis, or infection, is still not fully understood by our modern medical science and therefore ignored in clinical consultations. Patients with infertility problems need to address that when seeing a doctor.

Prostate Symptoms

Symptoms of prostate can be dormant that a patient may not notice there is an infection in the prostate. Self diagnosis can help. Dull pain and discomfort in the perineum area, pain during and after erection/ejaculation, are the signs of prostatitis and obstruction. In some cases, infection and obstruction may not cause pain and symptoms, but they affect semen and sperms immensely. Therefore, when seeking a cure on infertility and impotence, one needs to consider prostatitis as the cause of infertility.


Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer